The Doll Test

The Attorney General of Kentucky has us engaged in a serious reflection this morning about images and our self-esteem and the long-term impact and ramifications of self-esteem on decisions that we make as adults.

I like to observe powerful people in the presence of other powerful people. I have attended very serious meetings in the White House with various caucuses within the Congress of the United States. When we get to the meeting sometimes the subject matter changes. Instead of discussing what we had pre-determined we were going to discuss so as not to waste the time of the President it becomes a photograph session or an autograph session, by the time that session is over there is no time to discuss the pre-determined substantive issues for which the meeting was granted in the first place.

Some president’s actually recognize this dynamic and rather than actually conducting the meeting they simply satisfy members of Congress for their election year photos and in some cases that is all that is required to get a members vote on the floor of the Congress.

One day I was sitting on the floor of the Congress and Congressman Elijah Cummings who was the 93rd African-American elected to Congress, I was the 92nd, sat next to me and he said young man what is on your mind. He could intuitively see that I was in a struggle. I have never been a legislator before. He said there are three phases that every legislator has to go through that is black. The first phase is I am happy to be here. The second phase is learning the rules and learning how to finesse the institution. The third is actualization. Passing legislation and creating law. He said the problem with most minorities and African-American legislators is this, because we’ve never been here they never get past the first phase. I went to work with purpose that day. I have been exposed to too much over the course of my life, my fathers work had exposed me to President’s, and King’s, Popes and Potentates, and being around powerful people black or white no longer phased me whether they were democratic or republican.

Even to this day I go to some meetings and I can always spot the African-American staffer who is bowing and scraping. Often times they give you some heads up on their boss. Often times I tell them there is no need to I come to the meeting with clarity and purpose.

After nearly 2 and a half centuries of slavery followed by Jim Crowe, strengthening the spine of a people whose backs have been bent under the weight of the institution of slavery was the important function of changing the way in which education was presented to them, hence the Drs. Kenneth Clarke and Dr. Mamy Clarke studies and “the doll test.”https://www.history.com/.amp/news/brown-v-board-of-education-doll-experiment

The doll test reflected in the images below speak volumes about parenting even at this hour. Our children must see us standing straight up against the injustice that is dominating our country, our world, and our immediate space. It will affect who are children are, and will become, when they become the attorney general of some company or some state or some country in the future.


Carter G Woodson once said, “In the miseducation of the Negro,” if the Negro gets use to coming in the back door, segregation, even though he is allowed, now by law, to enter the front, he will cut a hole in the back of a building just to get in because of habit.

In the matter of LaQuan and Breonna

In the matter of LaQuan and Breonna

The first similarity between LaQuan McDonalds case in Chicago and Breonna Taylor’s case in Louisville Kentucky isn’t the color of the victims. It the similarity between the behavior of the Democratic politicians in Chicago and the behavior of the Republican politicians in Daniel Cameron and Mitch McConnells Kentucky.

The immediate similarity is that for their reelection in Chicago, the “uncharged politicians” hid the LaQuan McDonald video until after they were reelected to quell public outrage for political purposes. For the Kentucky politicians and their efforts at Houdini style magic and misdirection, the Kentucky politicians think the people of the United States are stupid, just because they have taken advantage of the “good people of Kentucky” who do not need “celebrities and outside interference” in their internal affairs. After all, no one is supposed to come to Kentucky and tell them how to handle their Negroes. Some Negroes in Kentucky are also part of the understanding.

There are other similarities. In the Breonna Taylor matter. There is no video, but the Attorney General attempted to play Houdini with the facts. The “black” attorney general who spoke at Trumps re-election party, the so-called RNC Convention” met with Breonna’s family and shared with them that “an officer” was going to be charged “in the case.” But he did not share that the charge was “not for her murder.” And then he had the gall to stand before the entire nation and try his magic trick as if the rest of us are stupid and behave like his deceptive prone, unsuspecting supporters. Many of them have grown used to the Kentucky deception. Lyndon Baines Johnson was right, “I’ll tell you what’s at the bottom of it all, if you were able to convince the lowest white man that he is better than the vest colored man, he will let you pick his pocket.” That was Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s job on behalf of nations Republican Party and the Republican establishment of Kentucky.

In the LaQuan McDonald matter, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, States attorney Anita Alvarez, and superintendent of police Gary McCarthy had access to the video and they knew exactly how explosive it was. So they refused to release it until after their election, before a grand jury was impaneled, therefore guaranteeing themselves, and the Chicago democratic machine, and its judges, another term for their handling of the matter to avoid a legitimate public rebellion and reaction. Judges in Illinois, have to run for office and seek votes just like the politicians, and only the politicians at the top of the ticket can assure their elections to the bench. The Chicago video had ramifications for political turn out in the overwhelmingly democratic city. They couldn’t afford enthusiasm to be dampened and killing the video, after the killing of LaQuan was “good for politics,” and it too was a crime of public deception.

In both cases the family was paid off with millions of dollars of taxpayer money to protect the politics and the political order. In the Chicago case, the LaQuan McDonald case, even the black city council members had to be part of the scheme in order to approve the family settlement. They too are part of the arrangement.

In both cases the family was paid off millions of dollars of taxpayer money to protect the politics and the political order. Just because we change local police departments, there is no reason to believe that it’s going to change the culture of politics and the political order. They must be on trial too. There must be more than election consequences for the “acceptable activity” that takes place at the top of the local levels political order.

Donald Trump should not be treating the Justice Department as his personal legal team or police force nor should local mayors and politicians engage or influence local police investigators, without a criminal statute separating them from the behavior of placing their political weight on the scale of local justice.

Why are the people outraged and what is the common thread between Democrats and Republicans? It is protecting not only the police officers but the “national behavior” of the fraternal order of police. The FOP is a frat and it use to be an all white boys frat, that excluded blacks and women.

After the fraternity, was de-racialized and forced to include women, it became a diverse multicultural “blue society.” By becoming blue, it was no longer white male dominated. They went from a racially destructive culture, to protecting a culturally destructive culture, “us vs. them,” within the organization.

It is a fraternal order, it is a secret society, that protects their own. It has a code of blue. It allows federal and state law enforcement to speed through various jurisdictions and show their badge, ask for professional courtesy, it allows them to get drunk and escorted home by the police without a DUI on their records, it allows a partner to engage in criminal activity, plant evidence, steal cash, steal drugs, rob corpses and act like they have nothing to do with it. It allows them to falsify police reports. Change and agree upon narratives that don’t support the facts. It allows them to work with the prosecution and the coroners office and the medical examiners office to further false narratives.

They don’t even have to live in the cities or in the jurisdictions for which they police, as a result every day becomes a hunting trip to a foreign land and they get to return to their “safe communities.”

The FOP is a national organization that is also loosely tied to the National Rifle Association by individuals who are members of both.

The evil that the American people need to destroy must be challenged and dismantled “root and branch” without eliminating, dismantling and defunding policing. It will require the hands of a surgeon not a butcher. It will require the Justice Department because there are more than 20,000 police jurisdictions therefore there are 20,000 chapters of this organization and secret fraternal society, that we the taxpayer pay for. They believe in treating each other with “professional courtesy.” Professional courtesy is a codeword for “we go home tonight.” That’s the credo. LaQuan McDonald may not be going home tonight, Breonna Taylor may not be safe at home tonight, but “we are going home tonight.” “I got your six, I got your back.”

The fraternal order is a kind of national force. It is not a federal police department with national training. It is a national force of law enforcement based upon an understood behavior of “law and order, stereotypes, racial assumption, and profiling, local control.”

That is the difference between federal law-enforcement and local law-enforcement. Federal law-enforcement is trained at the same facilities, they are college educated, by requirement, take courses in the constitution and criminal justice, and they go through a very strenuous regimen through various academies that are exact in their discipline. They believe in the Constitution, and do not elevate their states and local governments over the supremacy of the founding documents.

The only uniting force amongst local law-enforcement, is there a behavior that is taught through their fraternal order, the FOP. They are just one big frat club, with most members not even having an accredited college education. They are also frat clubs within the frat club. Some of these sects within the frat are very dangerous, with “excessive hazing.”

When will the national nightmare be over? When the politicians are charged for their obstruction and interference with justice, when the FOP, the secret society is dismantled and their communication state by state, “across state lines” are disassembled for matters unrelated to crimes across state lines, when the National Rifle Association is held accountable for its secret societies, And then local departments can be accountable to local communities and not fraternities and then justice can “roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream,” the prophet Amos.

Our Cause is Just

Why do we feel some type of way? Because for the ideological liberal “our causes” are our religion.

The death of Ginsberg threatens “our religion.” That is why we feel the way we do. The Supreme Court is responsible for interpreting our “public religion,” not our private one. We don’t have enough seats to protect “our public religion,” the religion we want to bequeath to our children. That’s why we feel the way we do. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other,” said John Adams.

But no matter how just “our causes” are, “our causes” are not the source of our strength in our public or private religion.

“Our causes” are not theology. The source of my strength is my belief and my incessant study of the redeemer, and The Supreme Governor of the Universe. It should be the source of “our” strength as a nation.

“Our causes” can be, “our causes,” without a belief in The Supreme Governor of the universe. This is the reason “our causes” can be embraced by atheists, agnostics, and others. Often times we join in the belief of “our causes” because the ends are the same, even if our means (belief in the Supreme Governor) differ. While I respect the non-believers right to believe in no God and even the right to question Gods existence, and while we share a belief in “our causes” under law, atheism and agnosticism is not the source of my strength.

The nonbeliever is far more depressed this morning than I am. My belief is the source of my strength.

The course of history will be determined Providence, by the hand and by the finger of God as the source of our motivation for which many causes flow and will be determined.

I believe in “our causes,” I believe in America. But “our causes” must be of God, for all that we believe to be true, our infinite belief in the one True God of human history, the sustainer of time and space, and all that we know to be true, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the author of “our causes,” are truly inseparable.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg(The Notorious RBG)

First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton encouraged her husband President William Jefferson Clinton to consider appointing Ruth Bader Ginsberg, RBG, to the United States Supreme Court. After 10 minutes of private time with RBG, late one Sunday night, Bill Clinton‘s mind was made up. RBG was to be his choice as nominee to our nations highest court.

Many years later, President Barack Obama appointed Judge Merrick Garland to the court and Senator Mitch McConnell denied Merrick Garland a hearing and therefore a chance at serving on the Supreme Court. Senator McConnell frustrated decades of the court’s and the executives civil vacancy selection process for purely political land ideological reasons. Donald Trump was allowed to fill the vacancy months later after his inauguration.

An aging RBG, held on to her seat, with tremendous courage, with the goal of an ideological appointment to succeed her work, hoping in 2016 that President Hillary Rodman Clinton would see fit to extent her legacy. She tried to wait out the next election cycle. But the Trump/McConnell cabal could not be overcome.

While I cannot confirm it, I must believe that RBG expected President Hillary Clinton, to appoint her successor.

Instead, the election victory of Donald Trump and the cabal of Trump and McConnell will likely swing the court.

The swing will be in the direction of states rights and local control against human rights and human dignity. Such is the history of rendering decisions that elevate the 10th amendment to the constitution, the same amendment that served as the legal justification for chattel slavery, to supremacy, (read white), above God endowed human rights.

Supreme court nominees are a function of ideology overtime. They must have, in my opinion, a progressive ideology for building a more perfect union, overcoming the historical shortcomings of white male hegemony at our nations founding, and they must be young enough, to serve long enough, to render decisions based upon the Reconstruction Amendments 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, especially the 14th amendments equal protection clause, established after the civil war and as a result of the end chattel slavery, states rights and the 10th amendment notwithstanding. The Civil War amendments, the Reconstruction amendments are the turning point of the Constitution and are responsible for overcoming the limitations of states rights.

For most conservatives, the 10th amendment is the turning point in the constitution, federal rights versus states rights. Call most liberals the turning point in the constitution are the Reconstruction amendments, human rights versus federal and state rights.

RBG used the precedence established by the history of “the race decisions and cases, Dred Scott to Plessy to Brown, involving the issue of race” to free women in our own country. She built on the race dialogue by swinging the court towards womens equality. She was brilliant. And this is just one more example of the central role that race has played in benefiting all Americans. It’s the genius of the black struggle in America.

States rights is the very tool that Donald Trump is using to negate federal responsibility by turning the coronavirus over to Governors, arguing it is their responsibility under the 10th Amendment, with his refusal to have a national mask mandate as well as his use of the 10 Amendment to undermine the credibility of nearly every federal agency and institution. It has led some to suggest that Donald Trump is our country’s first confederate president.

This is just one of the many applications and certainly the most current one, of the 10th amendment’s use since slavery. The 10 Amendment’s, insisted and added to the bill of rights by the slave states, is solely responsible for the failure to build a more perfect union and the resultant national discord in every generation. It was conceived in the sin of slavery, and it continues to frustrate our nation’s progress and goals at every level of American life.

What should be the selection criteria given this history? A nominee must have a proven record of the elevation of human rights over state and federal rights, God or Creator endowed rights of every individual must always have primacy, in the nations jurisprudential thinking.

The new Congress is sworn in on January 3rd before the inauguration. Mitch McConnell understands this schedule. It is not easy for anyone to believe that Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump Cabal will wait for the dignity of a funeral for one of our nations most luminous figures. President George W. Bush appointed Clarence Thomas to succeed Thurgood Marshall on the court. Both are black men but ideological opposites. President Donald Trump promises to promote a woman to succeed Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her ideological opposite.

We must look beyond the incidences of race and sex when filling vacancies on the court. We must understand that supreme court nominations are a function of ideology overtime not race and sex overtime.

Joshua Lederberg Faith Science Discovery and the Coronovirus

Joshua Lederberg, spent his life studying and looking for microscopic bugs and viruses. They haunted him. Bugs so small and microscopic that they threatened “man’s continued domination on the planet.”

I say this is a theological problem because the Bible says that “God created man and woman to have dominion over all things.” Lederberg posits a different thesis. The virus will have the final say on dominion. Of course his premise is that we will have to adjust to the virus, control and destroy it or without an aggressive global offensive it will control or destroy us. Lederberg, a Noble laureate in medicine, was Jewish, therefore he believed in God, and saw no conflict between his belief in God and his use of science to confirm and strengthen his faith and subsequently prepare all of us for an eventuality, a possibility, that could threaten our domination under theological constructs and human government and liberty systems. For Lederberg, just like me, and other scientists who are believers in the faith, there is no splinting and differentiating between science and theology, religion and politics, even though we have no problem with separation of church and state. You cannot separate a man from his faith, nor can you separate a man from his mission to use what God has given him, to provide all of us with a better understanding of God’s creation.

Lederberg took what only God allowed his eyes to see and went to work in his faith to save mankind.

Racism domestically and globally and the politics of blame are allowing the virus to thrive. By pitting people against each other, and politicizing the virus we have allowed the virus to take hold and to take root because we never defined it as a threat to humanity. Trump defines it as a “China problem.” He can’t see the humanity of the Chinese, he only sees trade and transactionalism. This too is a seemingly impenetrable and non-vaccinate-able virus leading some of us to dub the coronavirus, Covid 1619.

Somehow our supremacy as Americans, and white supremacy within our national caste system, and the ideology behind supremacy has separated us from the rest of humanity and therefore we think that we are invincible and not vulnerable to the virus.  https://www.al.com/opinion/2020/03/robert-e-lee-picketts-charge-and-donald-john-trump.html?outputType=amp

According to Wikipedia, Joshua Lederberg, (May 23, 1925 – February 2, 2008) was an American molecular biologist known for his work in microbial genetics, artificial intelligence, and the United States space program. He was 33 years old when he won the 1958 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering that bacteria can mate and exchange genes (bacterial conjugation).[3] He shared the prize with Edward Tatum and George Beadle, who won for their work with genetics.

Donald Trump thinks that he can solve in a few months what took Lederberg a lifetime to understand. By his own admission Trump admitted that the virus is five times more deadly than the flu. Does that mean that the politically expedited, warp speed, vaccine will be five times more potent than a flu shot? What does a vaccine with five times the potency of a flu shot mean for human biology? And who set the arbitrary deadline of late October, before the November 3 American election, for its introduction and injection into the veins of the American people. Why is the rest of the world spraying their streets and engaging a massive disinfectant campaign? And why are the American people waiting and expediting something to shoot into their bodies with potential long term consequences and side effects? Global containment thus far has been without a vaccine. Only America is looking for a drug.

Presidential recommendations and prescriptions of Injecting bleach, swallowing disinfectant, and taking vaccines that avoid the protocols of multiple phase trials, will not work. One would think that such a threat as predicted by Lederberg, would dominate the thinking of our national leadership. International organizations from the United Nations, to the world health organization, the domestic infrastructure of the CDC and the FDA and the national institutes of health NIH are all front lines of defense in a very different war with a microbial enemy. Trump systematically dismantled them.

We have systematically dismantled public education and public trust in these institutions that allow us to build a more perfect union and communicate a single believable message to the American people above politics and without division and the filter of truth. As a system we are supposed to trust the information that we receive and make decisions for our own lives and livelihoods based upon the information. We have failed miserably in this area. And it all started with the truth or absence there of.

We have developed as a nation big bombs and very large battleships and we have flexed our muscle globally for the threats that we can see. We have weaponized biology. We have biological weapons. Our study of these organism has anesthetized us from the serious effects of a less potent, nevertheless deadly, virology like the coronovirus. The coronavirus may not be what we have in storage, like stuff we developed and designed to kill people, without the destruction of property, but we have it, and we were not prepared for the ramifications of a novel coronavirus. We weren’t even looking for a coronavirus, or airborne virus that we couldn’t control. Our focus has been on anthrax and other viruses we developed and can’t pronounce and designed to kill.

Trump even acknowledge to Bob Woodward that he’s developed some kind of nuclear system that the world has never seen before. I assume given our previous and current preeminence and dominance on the question of nuclear weapons and power and our unique capacity to destroy the world 10,000 times over, this must be some kind of global doomsday suicide system. Clearly he authorized its development in secret, of course the great tragedy is it must never be used. The bravado associated with its development is just some kind of profound, insane, sickness that Trump couldn’t even keep to himself.

Donald Trump’s “super duper, super secret, breath taking, human incinerating, logic defying, environment destroying and illegal nuclear system that has the power to blow human flesh off of bones and kill tens of millions of people with a single decision, by one man in the Oval Office who can’t have his way, who can make the unilateral decision, to build it, without authorization from Congress, at a cost of tens of billions, maybe hundreds of billions of unaccountable black op off budget dollars, must never be used and dismantled immediately.”

However for the threat that comes microscopically we have not prepared ourselves. History will tell the story far better than I will ever be able to articulate.

The very infrastructure that Donald Trump dismantled is precisely the infrastructure that will have to be re-established and enforced globally in order to stop the next plague. God is going to make us love our neighbor as ourselves whether we want to or not. For Americans it’s going to be a very hard lesson.

The virus and the plague are going to have the final say. And it is going to have its say on its terms.

The Rittenhouse Effect

Why have we not heard from the Governor of Illinois and the Attorney General of Illinois on the question of one of its “minor” citizens being transported across State lines by his mother, another Illinois citizen, to “police and kill” someone in Wisconsin?

Because what you think of Illinois, is not what Illinois is. There is Blue Illinois and there is Red Illinois. The Governor and the Attorney General are elected and are from Cook County, Blue Illinois. When they wake up every morning and they think about their re-election, this is what they see.

The Rittenhouse’ are now very popular in “Red Illinois.” This morning in Evanston a sticker was posted on a parking meter calling for the pardoning of Kyle Rittenhouse, and it said, “white people must be able to defend themselves.” As a result of Rittenhouse’s new cause celeb, Cook County Democrats, are silent as a church mouse on “alt-right and right wing militia members” in its State, that went to another State, and participated in multiple homicides. Kyle Rittenhouse killed two “white activists” who were allied with #BLM but I can almost promise you he was looking for African American #BLM activists, when he left Illinois with his mother. Today he claims self defense in his actions while he traveled with a long gun, a hundred miles from his own home.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing very well in “Blue Illinois,” Trump is doing very well in “Red Illinois.” Both sides are trying to convince people in the Blue and Red areas to come to their side and point of view in November. The victim of this balancing act between Red and Blue is “racial justice.”

“Racial justice” is twixt and between the democrats and the republicans. It is twixt and between the liberals and the conservatives. “Racial justice” is twixt and between right and wrong. The effect of this reality is clear, Cook County democratic party leadership rarely shows leadership on issues of “racial justice” state wide. If they did there would be no state wide democratic lawmakers.

This map is true in every state in the Union. There is no such thing as the Blue or Red State distinctions. That’s too simple an explanation for this very complicated reality. Joe Biden’s greatest chance for victory in many of these states is that he is seen as “a decent person” in the Red areas far more decent than Trump. Joe Biden is not leading because of what he “stands for,” his policy initiatives, he is only leading because he is perceived as decent. But Biden cannot cross the line. He cannot “defund the police.” That goes too far. The Red part of our state isn’t feeling Harris. They are feeling Pence, from neighboring Red State Indiana. The Red part of Illinois rarely comes to visit Chicago, in fact they see through a lens where everything wrong with the State is in Chicago. But the “downstaters” do regularly attend the Indiana State fair. And the “Red rural” areas of Indiana come to the Illinois for our State fair in Springfield Illinois, or “Red Illinois.” So when Trump from the White House says, he will send the “National Guard to Chicago,” this too is what he sees. And it is blood red.

Pritzker and Raoul underestimate Black Chicago’s knowledge of this dynamic and therefore engage in a racial calculation of their own. Including assumptions that Black elected officials and the media from “Blue areas” are incapable of understanding “downstate interests.” Many African Americans for generations know downstate Illinois and its dangers so well. Our ancestors in the great migration, came North to Chicago, through downstate, and their descendants have to chosen to stay in Chicago because of this knowledge. We know downstate!

Depending upon the Governor and the Attorney Generals behavior, to prosecute or not prosecute Kyle Rittenhouse’ mother, this action, or lack there of, constitutes “racial justice crickets,” that will determine how long Illinois remains Blue. Remember, the same people who allowed the covered up, hiding of evidence, and that delayed the video of the murder of LaQuan McDonald, a #BLM case, at the hands of the Chicago Democrat’s because of who it implicated, don’t get to come back and suddenly be tough on the Rittenhouse’s. Racial justice is twixt and between. Blue and Red. Just as slaves were twixt and between the Rebels and the Yankees. Just as the American descendants of slavery, are twixt and between democrats and republicans. Just as African Americans are twixt and between Trump and Biden. We know there is a difference between “equal justice” and “selective justice.” We know it all to well.

This is The Rittenhouse Effect.

Why Martin Luther King Jr. Still Matters:Separating Nonviolent Protestors from Violent and Undisciplined Ones Came from Pre-Protest Training

At the beginning of the protests, the American people overwhelmingly supported the protests with an approval rating of +27% . As the protests turned violent, the idea of protesting is now in the negative, it is at -1%. The protests are losing support because they have turned violent.

During the protests Black Lives Matter had a favorability rating of +33%. While it is still positive, +10%, there has been a significant decline in the marketing and support for Black Lives Matter and their tactics. Whether the tactics are actually from #BLM or not, they are overwhelmingly associated with the movement. As a result they are losing support and Democratic and Republican politicians are taking notice.

Why does Dr. King matter? Because, for Dr. King, he believed that the ends justified the means and that the ends for which we seek, are pre-existent in the means. In other words, the way in which the movement conducts itself determines the outcome in the long run.

Consistency over time is a factor in a successful movement to change public opinion. As long as public opinion and support is on our side we cannot lose. Dr. King said we must always have the symbols of the flag and the Bible on our side. We must do nothing, or allow anything to happen, that compromises the education that the American people are receiving at this moment . The movement is providing millions of people in our country and around the world an understanding that no formal education can provide. When we take the low road, the public no longer identifies with the struggle. At all times Dr. King was conscious of “entering into the living rooms of every American who was observing the moral authority of the nonviolent protesters.” We absorbed the vitriol, we took the blows. Those Americans were disgusted with the behavior of the police and found themselves identifying with John Lewis. They chose decency over indecency. At all times, we must keep them on our side. It was a movement to “harness human divine spirit energy.”

He had a number of choices. To chose violence, looting and disorder, or he could chose non-violence. Active non-violent active resistence. He chose nonviolence active resistence not only because it is morally right, but he didn’t want to lose moral authority, because of the behavior of the protesters. He chose his words carefully and challenged sloganeering that would undermine moral authority.

It is clear that the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests are either not offering training, like that of CT Vivian, Joseph Lowery, John Lewis, James Orange, James Bevel, Bernard Lafeyette, and Andy Young were responsible for in the 60s. Or it remains unclear if #BLM is simply a cattle-call of untrained people who are capable of doing almost anything at marches and protests that initially begin nonviolently, but end up late into the evening with rioters and looters. The rioters and looters have assumed control of the message. For Dr. King this would have been fatal. Dr. King would have not allowed that to happen. Not losing control of the message was extremely important to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. whether his staff or history understood it or not.

I’m sure by now Dr. King would’ve said we are going to march nonviolently from nine in the morning until five. Then we are going to boycott and withdraw our enthusiasm from corporate America that doesn’t cooperate with our nonviolent protest, “until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness of a mighty stream.”

I believe he would have said “anyone marching after our designated time and has not been through our training and is on their own.” Do not identify them with “our movement.” He would separate his message from the behavior of the extremists and the renegades on both sides.

This was his problem with injecting “black power” in the middle of their March for “peace and justice.” Messaging mattered. Stokely Carmichael, was my mother and father’s very good friend and when I was in college, we invited him to speak at North Carolina A&T State University. I debated this issue with him in the auditorium. He held firm to his view. He said “that is young Jesse Jackson Jr. over there.” We laughed and I loved him very much. Rick Bradley, and Mark Anthony Middleton, would remember these exchanges. If he were alive today I would ask him whether or not his “black power” slogan would have been appropriate given that two white men lost their lives in Kenosha Wisconsin, and whether or not a slogan would have alienated them and their families for the cause in which they died.

From George Floyd to Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wisconsin this is a case study in the behavior of a movement. The movement of the human spirit, is not just action it’s “spirit movement.” Many lives where lost in the turbulent 50’s and 60’s but I don’t believe there was a single life lost in a protest organized by Dr. King. I don’t even recall reading about the defacement or destruction of property.

It is the proper harnessing of spirit that has ramifications for movements all across the country and around our world. It is spirit energy. Dr. King was very much concerned about harnessing spirit energy to do Gods will. Some of the protests we are witnessing don’t have anything to do with God. This is the truth.

I also believe the #BLM has to be very careful. If their numbers slip into negative numbers, Democrats and Republicans will turn on them. They will be labeled a terrorist organization. Reactionary forces are already trying to do this. Maintaining the moral high ground is a factor in the longevity of every major organization and movement. SCLC, the NAACP, the Urban League, while their effectiveness may be challenged in these times, they understand the importance of maintaining the moral high ground. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

I had to wait a few months in order to write this post, because had it been written at the beginning of the protests it would have been perceived differently. Now we have to back up our action for justice with our behavior and start training the activists. If the activists just show up as a Motley Crew, nothing good is going to come from untrained, undisciplined and unaccountable actors who show up in a fever pitch. They will knock the movement off of the front pages and the forces of reaction and their message of “law and order” will replace the dream we began in 1963. Many of these actors who knew not our King are agent provocateurs whose ends are inconsistent with the means.


Crippling the post office for Wall Street The Delegitimization of the Federal Government


Why White Liberals Misread Lincoln and Trump’s Gettysburg Address 

Why White Liberals Misread Lincoln and Trump’s Gettysburg Address 

Today in the North if you mention “the war,” you need to be specific. Revolutionary, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, or the war on terrorism. Whatever the war, from the Revolutionary war and the Declaration of Independence to the present, if you talk to a Northerner, in 2020, you need to be specific. To the conservative Southerner there is only one war that matters, and it is the Civil War. In fact you need to be clear that when speaking to a conservative Southerner, if you are referencing another conflict you need to be specific and call it by the name of the conflict or the assumption is you are talking about the big one, the Civil War. For the Christian, their entire religion dates from the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. To the Southerner according to Mark Twain, “In the South the war is what A.D. is elsewhere; they date from it.” It too is their modern American religion. 

The Northerners do not get this. They still do not get it. In large part because the reconciliation at the end of the Civil war gave legitimacy to the idea of treason as part of the nation’s reconciliation. The Southerners are not bad people, “the disagreement” can be civil. We can welcome home the prodigal men and women and the ideology that sought to dissolve our union into the halls of our nation federal and state legislatures and resolve our problems not on a battlefield but in political parties that have for more than 160 years of national memory legitimized the losing sides point of view. Henry Charles Carey was the leading 19th century economist of the American School of Capitalism and Chief economic advisor to President Abraham Lincoln had this to say, “ from that date the abandonment of the older state proceeded with a rapidity never before known, and with it grew the domestic slave trade and the pro-slavery feeling.” 

Let me be clear slavery was wrong morally and politically and those who sought to defend it and continue to defend it are still wrong. So, it should come as no surprise that Trump wants to accept the Republican nomination for president in 2020 at Gettysburg. For liberals in the media, it’s just a stunt, for Trump’s hard core base, they appreciate Bannon and Steve Millers efforts to continue this national discord for several more centuries. 

The battle at Gettysburg made places such as Cemetery Hill, Cemetery Ridge, Little Round Top, Big Round Top, and Devil’s Den famous, along with the northern names of Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain and the Twentieth Maine, the First Minnesota and General Governor K. Warren. For the South, the name of a thirty-eight-year-old general, George Pickett, was forever made infamous when Lee ordered him to conduct “Pickett’s Charge,” an almost suicidal foray against Union troops. It was a great northern victory, but a total of more than fifty thousand men had given of their blood or lives—as many as twenty-three thousand Union casualties and twenty-eight thousand southern men killed, wounded or missing, more than a third of Lee’s army. The combination of victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg turned out to be the all-important turning point in the war. 

The burial of the Gettysburg dead was originally planned for October 23 but rescheduled to November 19 because the principal orator, Edward Everett of Massachusetts, could not be ready before then. Lincoln, by comparison, was casually invited to attend and make a few remarks. “No insult was intended. Federal responsibility or participation was not assumed, then, in state activities. And Lincoln took no offense. Though specifically invited to deliver only ‘a few appropriate remarks’ to open the cemetery, he meant to use this opportunity. The partly mythical victory of Gettysburg was important to his 

administration’s war propaganda,” according to Garry Wills, Lincoln at Gettysburg. There are mythical accounts that Lincoln wrote his Gettysburg Address on the back of an envelope. Even though the 272-word speech probably took less than three minutes to deliver—interrupted with applause five times by the twenty thousand in attendance—such cavalier preparation would have been totally uncharacteristic of Lincoln, who took such opportunities very seriously. 

Lincoln intended to use this occasion and speech to lift the nation’s eyes above the death and carnage at Gettysburg “to a level of abstraction that purges it of grosser matter…. Lincoln did for the whole Civil War what he accomplished for the single battlefield,” said Wills. He transformed its meaning and in so doing transformed what it meant to be an American. 

Lincoln mentioned neither slavery nor Gettysburg. He drained his speech of all particulars in order to lift up an ideal. Lincoln intended to create something good and new out of this tragic and bloody episode. Both North and South strove to interpret Gettysburg to further their own war interests. Lincoln was after an even bigger victory—winning the ideological as well as the military war. And he succeeded. “The Civil War is, to most Americans, what Lincoln wanted it to mean. Words had to complete the work of the guns,” Wills continued. When we wave the flag and celebrate on July 4, Independence Day, we are not so much celebrating our American-ness in terms of our independence from England. We are celebrating the meaning of the flag and America as Lincoln interpreted them in his Gettysburg Address. At Gettysburg, Lincoln reinterpreted the Constitution. Looking past slavery in the Constitution, he appealed to the Declaration of Independence and its claim that “all men are created equal.” Conservative political “heirs to this outrage still attack Lincoln for subverting the Constitution at Gettysburg.” Wills admonished. 

Lincoln is here not only to sweeten the air at Gettysburg, but to clear the infected atmosphere of American history itself, tainted with official sins and inherited guilt. He would cleanse the Constitution—not, as William Lloyd Garrison had, by burning an instrument that countenanced slavery. He altered the document from within, by appeal from its letter to the spirit, subtly changing the recalcitrant stuff of that legal compromise, bringing it to its own indictment. By implicitly doing this, he performed one of the most daring acts of open-air sleight-of-hand ever witnessed by the unsuspecting. Everyone in that vast throng of thousands was having his or her intellectual pocket picked. The crowd departed with a new thing in its ideological luggage, that new Constitution Lincoln had substituted for the one they brought there with them. They walked off, from those curving graves on the hillside, under a changed sky, into a different America. Lincoln had revolutionized the Revolution, giving people a new past to live with that would change their future indefinitely.43 

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was transforming the United States from a plural to a singular noun—from the United States are into the United States is a free government. According to Garry Wills, Lincoln, by his words and actions, converted the Union from a mystical hope into a constitutional reality. 

Current scholars and politicians call the Gettysburg Address just as authoritative a statement of the American spirit as the Declaration of Independence, perhaps more so because it determines how we read the latter. Because the Gettysburg address is “the lens” by which we read the Declaration of Independence, Trump’s acceptance seeks to re-interpret for many Americans who lack this understanding a new definition of freedom going forward. Wills argues that for most people, the 

Declaration means what Lincoln told us it means, correcting the Constitution in the process without overthrowing it. This spiritual correction and intellectual revolution make attempts to go back beyond Lincoln virtually impossible. “The proponents of states’ rights may have arguments, but they have lost their force, in courts as well as in the popular mind. By accepting the Gettysburg Address, its concept of a single people dedicated to a proposition, we have been changed. Because of it, we live in a different America,” concluded Wills. 

Aside from the illegality of using federal land and property for a campaign event, from his appointment of more than 200 federal jurists many of whom are unqualified, Trump seeks to provide for them a new foundation, a foundation and view of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution so that they too might find legitimacy in spreading Trumpism for centuries. From Mount Rushmore to Gettysburg, Trump at the direction of Steve Bannon and Steven Miller want to be remembered not for building a More Perfect Union, at mask less biker rallies in SD and as sources of legitimacy for armed resistance movements at state capitals and legislatures, for an exceptionally long time. After all, President Trump legitimized their behavior and the liberals from the North did nothing about it.

The images below are former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. with Harold Holtzer , Abraham Lincoln historian, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg where Congressman Jackson was the guest speaker.

How to Live and How to Die:  A Reflection on the Decent and Eternal Life of Representative John Lewis  by Jesse Jackson Jr.

How to live and How to die 

A reflection on the decent and eternal life of Representative John Lewis 

by Jesse Jackson Jr.

John Lewis lived a life of courage and decency that we have not seen in modern man. I decided to write this article based on a lifetime of observation. I was born March 11, 1965 in the middle of the three Selma to Montgomery marches, held in 1965, along the 54 mile highway from Selma Alabama to the state capital in Montgomery Alabama. On Sunday, March 7, a nonviolent peaceful march led by Lewis was met by state troopers, who had everything but non-violence on their minds as they sought to enforce the Alabama policy of “Law and Order,”  at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. My father was a student at Chicago Theological Seminary when he joined the second March. He called Greenville South Carolina and found out that I had just been born, and he was so overwhelmed by the history of the moment that he wanted to name me Selma. My mothers better judgment prevailed, my father and my oldest sister to this day still call me Selma. My classmate Cameron Moody from college still calls me Selma. When I served in Congress with John Lewis for 17 years he too called me Selma.

Between my birth and my election to Congress I saw Representative Lewis who I affectionately call “Uncle John” at various conventions, Congressional Black Caucus weekends, protests, social events with my father, always with a reverence and respect of a young respectable man who was not only in the presence of greatness, but in the presence of divinity, a holy figure complete with halo.

My election to Congress in 1995 only added the term colleague and friend, a line only crossed by profession, for he was divinity. He wasn’t a minister, but he was. He wasn’t a preacher, but he could, he wasn’t a politician but he served. The English language doesn’t have a term that can describe the spirit of John Lewis.  I think ultimately the American people will erect statues, monuments, name buildings, rooms and programs after him. For we the living want to multiply and expand his spirit energy to future generations.  Jim Clyburn, the majority whip from South Carolina, said it best “John Lewis lived the life of a sermon.” I agree. The living are going to write his gospel and testament. So I want to offer my thoughts in the deification of his spirit. 

First John, ( I like that term First John),  had a sense of himself in history. He was unique in his “knowing of the role he played” in changing the course of human events. President Lyndon Baines Johnson in his special message to Congress in 1965 titled, “And We Shall Overcome,” said, “At times history and fate meet at a single time, in a single place, to shape a turning point in man’s unending search for freedom. So it was at Lexington and Concord. So it was a century ago at Appomattox. So it was last week in Selma Alabama.”

The former senator and segregationist and then President of the United States was referring to the event of John Lewis and the marchers non-violent confrontation with Alabama State Police on the other side of the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The consciousness of mankind had been challenged by the fact that the protestors did not return hate for hate but returned the hate of the officers with love and compassion, an authentic christian moment. It was a strange moment, in  that we had not seen, nor heard, nor witnessed the incomplete ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, tragically interrupted by crucifixion, taken to its logical  conclusion, but we could only imagine that this was his intention. It was an experiment in faith and we all observed it. The brutality was such that the public opinion of planet earth was formed against the behemoth, the goliath,  of American hatred toward people of color and it required a global reassessment and an identification with David. John Lewis changed Johnson. Johnson had earlier signed the Civil Rights act of 1964, would sign the Voting Rights Act of 1965, due to Lewis efforts, and would sign Fair Housing Legislation in 1968, the crux of the Civil rights era and its accomplishment in law.  From segregationist to advocate for human and civil rights, Jesse Jackson would later call Johnson the greatest President of the 20th century. Lewis changed Johnson!

Secondly, Lewis’ legislative accomplishments, in addition to the words that he spoke, and entered into the Congressional Record, will stand the test of the nation’s most comprehensive and complete documenting of the events that moved his spirit to action. There is no record more eternal in the life of this nation than the Congressional Record and John Lewis was a master of it. His spirit is contained in his words and action. A perfect say:do ratio. He bragged about being arrested for “Good Trouble” more than 40 times before his election to congress, and 4 more times once elected. He intended to get our attention.

Thirdly, Lewis’ graphic novel written and illustrated for K through 12 and beyond tells the story of civil and human rights available for the youngest to the oldest of our citizens. For Lewis it was really more than struggle, or commitment to the moment, Lewis was committed to the narrative and the movement of the spirit of his life. There was no higher priority than the establishment of a beloved community, “on earth as it is in heaven.” The beloved community that he and Martin Luther King Jr. gave the last full measure of their devotion too. In the graphic novel he wrote  so that all Americans, indeed all of us could recognize our role and responsibility to the “World House ” we all live in. Lewis insured that we would be present at the events that led to “a new American Founding,” forever.  A new reality for all of us.

Fourth, his lying in state at the Alabama State Capitol, the Georgia State Capitol, the United States Capitol speaks to the nation’s highest honor and the nation’s debt of gratitude to Lewis for he had lived a life of “Good Trouble” and conducted his life as a sermon of justice and mercy and hope. Good trouble, a trouble that troubled the waters of conscience and brought about results by changing the minds of his political opposition and ultimately an opposition that joined him in passing legislation to improve the “Soul of America.” He believed that deeply within every person existed the capacity to change, for Lewis, even the most staunch segregationist could enter a community of love and mutual respect. Lewis understood that generations of Southern white Americans and many liberal northerners had been told a lie and they needed to confront their truth and that they would act out until they came to terms with a new truth. What Lewis controlled was the response to the reaction, it would be loving and nonviolent. His capacity to endure suffering made him great.

Fifth, John Lewis was a Founding Father of this Democracy. It is hard to imagine that James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and the other architects, had not added the fundamental affirmative right to vote to the Constitution of the United States. The task before Lewis wasn’t just consistently renewing and extending  the Voting Rights of 1965, but the elevation of the affirmative right to vote to the Constitution itself, an oversight at the Founding. How can we be a democracy when the right to vote is protected by 50 different states and so called separate and unequal states rights in voting and not the constitution? Such an amendment would be more important to Lewis and the future of a free people in a representative government than any statue or memorial.

And lastly his courage surpassed our understanding. He even confronted his own mortality and decided to seize the moment by writing and immortalizing his final thoughts to us in a New York Times op Ed read by the voice of God, Morgan Freeman and he insured, even in death, John Lewis planned to be with us forever in spirit and he will be just that.

I think because of John Lewis and Martin Luther King Jr.,  and yes Jesus of Nazareth to whom they followed, love is going to have the final word of our existence. It is painful to get there.  There are competing philosophies and theologies on this point but King and Lewis were from a primitive authentic Christian understanding. Robert E Lee High School in Virginia is now the John Robert Lewis High School. Edmund Pettus Bridge named after a Ku Klux Klan man will be renamed John Robert Lewis. Fisk University is naming it’s social justice institute after John Robert Lewis. Streets will be named after John Robert Lewis, from Sea to Shining Sea. John Robert Lewis and his spirit will have the final say on defeating treason and the confederacy, because of the way he lived.

John Lewis showed us how to live, he showed us with dignity how to die, and he showed us the power of the resurrection of the human spirit and the divine entitlement of freedom.