Joshua Lederberg Faith Science Discovery and the Coronovirus

Joshua Lederberg, spent his life studying and looking for microscopic bugs and viruses. They haunted him. Bugs so small and microscopic that they threatened “man’s continued domination on the planet.”

I say this is a theological problem because the Bible says that “God created man and woman to have dominion over all things.” Lederberg posits a different thesis. The virus will have the final say on dominion. Of course his premise is that we will have to adjust to the virus, control and destroy it or without an aggressive global offensive it will control or destroy us. Lederberg, a Noble laureate in medicine, was Jewish, therefore he believed in God, and saw no conflict between his belief in God and his use of science to confirm and strengthen his faith and subsequently prepare all of us for an eventuality, a possibility, that could threaten our domination under theological constructs and human government and liberty systems. For Lederberg, just like me, and other scientists who are believers in the faith, there is no splinting and differentiating between science and theology, religion and politics, even though we have no problem with separation of church and state. You cannot separate a man from his faith, nor can you separate a man from his mission to use what God has given him, to provide all of us with a better understanding of God’s creation.

Lederberg took what only God allowed his eyes to see and went to work in his faith to save mankind.

Racism domestically and globally and the politics of blame are allowing the virus to thrive. By pitting people against each other, and politicizing the virus we have allowed the virus to take hold and to take root because we never defined it as a threat to humanity. Trump defines it as a “China problem.” He can’t see the humanity of the Chinese, he only sees trade and transactionalism. This too is a seemingly impenetrable and non-vaccinate-able virus leading some of us to dub the coronavirus, Covid 1619.

Somehow our supremacy as Americans, and white supremacy within our national caste system, and the ideology behind supremacy has separated us from the rest of humanity and therefore we think that we are invincible and not vulnerable to the virus.

According to Wikipedia, Joshua Lederberg, (May 23, 1925 – February 2, 2008) was an American molecular biologist known for his work in microbial genetics, artificial intelligence, and the United States space program. He was 33 years old when he won the 1958 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering that bacteria can mate and exchange genes (bacterial conjugation).[3] He shared the prize with Edward Tatum and George Beadle, who won for their work with genetics.

Donald Trump thinks that he can solve in a few months what took Lederberg a lifetime to understand. By his own admission Trump admitted that the virus is five times more deadly than the flu. Does that mean that the politically expedited, warp speed, vaccine will be five times more potent than a flu shot? What does a vaccine with five times the potency of a flu shot mean for human biology? And who set the arbitrary deadline of late October, before the November 3 American election, for its introduction and injection into the veins of the American people. Why is the rest of the world spraying their streets and engaging a massive disinfectant campaign? And why are the American people waiting and expediting something to shoot into their bodies with potential long term consequences and side effects? Global containment thus far has been without a vaccine. Only America is looking for a drug.

Presidential recommendations and prescriptions of Injecting bleach, swallowing disinfectant, and taking vaccines that avoid the protocols of multiple phase trials, will not work. One would think that such a threat as predicted by Lederberg, would dominate the thinking of our national leadership. International organizations from the United Nations, to the world health organization, the domestic infrastructure of the CDC and the FDA and the national institutes of health NIH are all front lines of defense in a very different war with a microbial enemy. Trump systematically dismantled them.

We have systematically dismantled public education and public trust in these institutions that allow us to build a more perfect union and communicate a single believable message to the American people above politics and without division and the filter of truth. As a system we are supposed to trust the information that we receive and make decisions for our own lives and livelihoods based upon the information. We have failed miserably in this area. And it all started with the truth or absence there of.

We have developed as a nation big bombs and very large battleships and we have flexed our muscle globally for the threats that we can see. We have weaponized biology. We have biological weapons. Our study of these organism has anesthetized us from the serious effects of a less potent, nevertheless deadly, virology like the coronovirus. The coronavirus may not be what we have in storage, like stuff we developed and designed to kill people, without the destruction of property, but we have it, and we were not prepared for the ramifications of a novel coronavirus. We weren’t even looking for a coronavirus, or airborne virus that we couldn’t control. Our focus has been on anthrax and other viruses we developed and can’t pronounce and designed to kill.

Trump even acknowledge to Bob Woodward that he’s developed some kind of nuclear system that the world has never seen before. I assume given our previous and current preeminence and dominance on the question of nuclear weapons and power and our unique capacity to destroy the world 10,000 times over, this must be some kind of global doomsday suicide system. Clearly he authorized its development in secret, of course the great tragedy is it must never be used. The bravado associated with its development is just some kind of profound, insane, sickness that Trump couldn’t even keep to himself.

Donald Trump’s “super duper, super secret, breath taking, human incinerating, logic defying, environment destroying and illegal nuclear system that has the power to blow human flesh off of bones and kill tens of millions of people with a single decision, by one man in the Oval Office who can’t have his way, who can make the unilateral decision, to build it, without authorization from Congress, at a cost of tens of billions, maybe hundreds of billions of unaccountable black op off budget dollars, must never be used and dismantled immediately.”

However for the threat that comes microscopically we have not prepared ourselves. History will tell the story far better than I will ever be able to articulate.

The very infrastructure that Donald Trump dismantled is precisely the infrastructure that will have to be re-established and enforced globally in order to stop the next plague. God is going to make us love our neighbor as ourselves whether we want to or not. For Americans it’s going to be a very hard lesson.

The virus and the plague are going to have the final say. And it is going to have its say on its terms.

Author: Jesse Jackson Jr

Jesse Jackson Jr was born into advocacy and the struggle for human rights. He entered the world at the height of the American civil rights movement. As such, his father stood among the thousands on the Edmund Pettus Bridge just two days before his birth. The feverish demand for equal voting rights for African Americans, no doubt, infected Jesse with the fight for justice and the right to the pursuit of happiness right down to his bones. He accepts the charge. With this legacy of civil rights, Jesse has always known the importance of using his talents for the advancement of the common good and in the fight for marginalized groups. He carried that foregone conclusion to the platform provided him at North Carolina A&T University. As early as his freshman year, Jackson began working for the people, on campus and abroad. While earning his Bachelor’s of Science degree in business management, he represented the student body as President and he founded a student activism organization centered on overcoming apartheid in South Africa. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is at the seat of his soul when he is working on the front lines of activism. He was an active member of the demonstrations against the blatant civil rights violations of South Africans. Similarly, he has threaded into the fabric at home as Field Director of the National Rainbow Coalition, where he worked to promote voter registration and education programs. Not long after earning his Master’s in theology and his Juris Doctor, Jesse began representing the interest of the citizens of Illinois as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In his 17 years in Congress, from 1995 to 2012, Jesse Jackson Jr had a say in every vote. Additionally, he has served on myriad committees, including the House Appropriations Committee. Taking his aptitude for civic service a step further, Jackson also lent his talent during the 2008 presidential election—working diligently to assist fellow Illinois-native Barack Obama win the presidency. Jesse is an advocate for equal education rights, equal employment opportunities, improving the circumstances of impoverished Americans, conserving various American landmarks as historical districts and reinvigoration the US economy following the 2007-2008 housing and auto market crash. Today, as a citizen thriving with bipolar disorder, Jesse continues the fight on behalf of marginalized communities through his work to help America eliminate the stigma of living with a mental health challenge. Jesse Jackson Jr’s tireless subscription to knowledge of the mind, freedom of the heart and the voice of the vote informs his current effort to impact. His rich possession of theological, historical, political and geopolitical knowledge creates an elemental toolbox that makes him a galvanizing catalyst for change.

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