The Rittenhouse Effect

Why have we not heard from the Governor of Illinois and the Attorney General of Illinois on the question of one of its “minor” citizens being transported across State lines by his mother, another Illinois citizen, to “police and kill” someone in Wisconsin?

Because what you think of Illinois, is not what Illinois is. There is Blue Illinois and there is Red Illinois. The Governor and the Attorney General are elected and are from Cook County, Blue Illinois. When they wake up every morning and they think about their re-election, this is what they see.

The Rittenhouse’ are now very popular in “Red Illinois.” This morning in Evanston a sticker was posted on a parking meter calling for the pardoning of Kyle Rittenhouse, and it said, “white people must be able to defend themselves.” As a result of Rittenhouse’s new cause celeb, Cook County Democrats, are silent as a church mouse on “alt-right and right wing militia members” in its State, that went to another State, and participated in multiple homicides. Kyle Rittenhouse killed two “white activists” who were allied with #BLM but I can almost promise you he was looking for African American #BLM activists, when he left Illinois with his mother. Today he claims self defense in his actions while he traveled with a long gun, a hundred miles from his own home.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing very well in “Blue Illinois,” Trump is doing very well in “Red Illinois.” Both sides are trying to convince people in the Blue and Red areas to come to their side and point of view in November. The victim of this balancing act between Red and Blue is “racial justice.”

“Racial justice” is twixt and between the democrats and the republicans. It is twixt and between the liberals and the conservatives. “Racial justice” is twixt and between right and wrong. The effect of this reality is clear, Cook County democratic party leadership rarely shows leadership on issues of “racial justice” state wide. If they did there would be no state wide democratic lawmakers.

This map is true in every state in the Union. There is no such thing as the Blue or Red State distinctions. That’s too simple an explanation for this very complicated reality. Joe Biden’s greatest chance for victory in many of these states is that he is seen as “a decent person” in the Red areas far more decent than Trump. Joe Biden is not leading because of what he “stands for,” his policy initiatives, he is only leading because he is perceived as decent. But Biden cannot cross the line. He cannot “defund the police.” That goes too far. The Red part of our state isn’t feeling Harris. They are feeling Pence, from neighboring Red State Indiana. The Red part of Illinois rarely comes to visit Chicago, in fact they see through a lens where everything wrong with the State is in Chicago. But the “downstaters” do regularly attend the Indiana State fair. And the “Red rural” areas of Indiana come to the Illinois for our State fair in Springfield Illinois, or “Red Illinois.” So when Trump from the White House says, he will send the “National Guard to Chicago,” this too is what he sees. And it is blood red.

Pritzker and Raoul underestimate Black Chicago’s knowledge of this dynamic and therefore engage in a racial calculation of their own. Including assumptions that Black elected officials and the media from “Blue areas” are incapable of understanding “downstate interests.” Many African Americans for generations know downstate Illinois and its dangers so well. Our ancestors in the great migration, came North to Chicago, through downstate, and their descendants have to chosen to stay in Chicago because of this knowledge. We know downstate!

Depending upon the Governor and the Attorney Generals behavior, to prosecute or not prosecute Kyle Rittenhouse’ mother, this action, or lack there of, constitutes “racial justice crickets,” that will determine how long Illinois remains Blue. Remember, the same people who allowed the covered up, hiding of evidence, and that delayed the video of the murder of LaQuan McDonald, a #BLM case, at the hands of the Chicago Democrat’s because of who it implicated, don’t get to come back and suddenly be tough on the Rittenhouse’s. Racial justice is twixt and between. Blue and Red. Just as slaves were twixt and between the Rebels and the Yankees. Just as the American descendants of slavery, are twixt and between democrats and republicans. Just as African Americans are twixt and between Trump and Biden. We know there is a difference between “equal justice” and “selective justice.” We know it all to well.

This is The Rittenhouse Effect.

Author: Jesse Jackson Jr

Jesse Jackson Jr was born into advocacy and the struggle for human rights. He entered the world at the height of the American civil rights movement. As such, his father stood among the thousands on the Edmund Pettus Bridge just two days before his birth. The feverish demand for equal voting rights for African Americans, no doubt, infected Jesse with the fight for justice and the right to the pursuit of happiness right down to his bones. He accepts the charge. With this legacy of civil rights, Jesse has always known the importance of using his talents for the advancement of the common good and in the fight for marginalized groups. He carried that foregone conclusion to the platform provided him at North Carolina A&T University. As early as his freshman year, Jackson began working for the people, on campus and abroad. While earning his Bachelor’s of Science degree in business management, he represented the student body as President and he founded a student activism organization centered on overcoming apartheid in South Africa. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is at the seat of his soul when he is working on the front lines of activism. He was an active member of the demonstrations against the blatant civil rights violations of South Africans. Similarly, he has threaded into the fabric at home as Field Director of the National Rainbow Coalition, where he worked to promote voter registration and education programs. Not long after earning his Master’s in theology and his Juris Doctor, Jesse began representing the interest of the citizens of Illinois as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In his 17 years in Congress, from 1995 to 2012, Jesse Jackson Jr had a say in every vote. Additionally, he has served on myriad committees, including the House Appropriations Committee. Taking his aptitude for civic service a step further, Jackson also lent his talent during the 2008 presidential election—working diligently to assist fellow Illinois-native Barack Obama win the presidency. Jesse is an advocate for equal education rights, equal employment opportunities, improving the circumstances of impoverished Americans, conserving various American landmarks as historical districts and reinvigoration the US economy following the 2007-2008 housing and auto market crash. Today, as a citizen thriving with bipolar disorder, Jesse continues the fight on behalf of marginalized communities through his work to help America eliminate the stigma of living with a mental health challenge. Jesse Jackson Jr’s tireless subscription to knowledge of the mind, freedom of the heart and the voice of the vote informs his current effort to impact. His rich possession of theological, historical, political and geopolitical knowledge creates an elemental toolbox that makes him a galvanizing catalyst for change.

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